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The Chocolate Powder Company

The Chocolate Powder Company is the inventor of reduced-fat conched chocolate powder, probably the greatest single advance in the last 150 years of chocolate making. The Company supplies other innovative cocoa-based products including Natural Soluble Cocoa Extract and Natural Soluble Chocolate Extract. It also supplies an excellent Natural Soluble Cocoa Flavour and Natural Soluble Chocolate Flavour. These high performance natural extracts and  natural flavours are in a class of their own.

Conched chocolate powder gives real chocolate taste to foods unlike the widely used bittersweet mixtures of cocoa and sugar mixtures. The taste is entirely natural because it does not rely on artificial chocolate flavours.

Conched chocolate powder has an additional advantage: the fat content is much lower level than in ordinary chocolate. This means conched chocolate powder can be used in reduced-fat and low-fat foods, an important consideration in the modern, health-conscious world.

Because of the wide variety of uses for conched chocolate powder a range of formulations is available to meet the specifications for different final products. However, since no standard range can meet all needs, special formulations can be manufactured according to customers' specifications.

Conched chocolate powder and Natural Soluble Cocoa and Chocolate Extracts are made to very high quality standards by long-established manufacturers in the cocoa and chocolate industry which have both ISO creditation and HACCP procedures firmly in place.

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